MOKOSS is a brand created for women who value high quality and unique colors.

Our goal is to encourage you to wear colorful clothes. Especially in winter, when it's gray outside and the weather doesn't spoil us, colorful coats will help you add some color and joy to such days. There are many studies in the field of psychology that have shown the positive effect of colors on our well-being.

The entire production process was carried out in Poland. We want as much as possible to be local, which is why our coats are sewn in a nearby sewing room in Wielkopolska.

All our materials come from Italy and were purchased as stock leftovers (i.e. materials that companies did not fully use and would otherwise be destroyed). The quantity we can buy varries, sometimes we are able to make five coats from a given fabric, other times only two. The coats we sell won't be restocked as we are not able to buy the same fabric again. When you buy a coat from us, you can be sure that you will look special. Only a few people in the world will have the same coat (and in some cases only one other person).

 Our cuts have been designed to give you 100% comfort through a slightly oversized cut, and the color range is wide enough for each of you to choose something for yourself.